Mohannad Sabry

Mohannad Sabry is an Egyptian journalist and author based in Cairo. He has covered Egypt since the 2011 uprising and his writings were published by Foreign Policy, The Miami Herald, The Philadelphia Inquirer, and Al-Monitor, in addition to several think tanks including The Atlantic Council and the Tahrir Institute for Middle East Policy. In 2011, Sabry was named a finalist of the Livingston Award for International Reporting, and in 2014, he was nominated to the Emmy Award as part of PBS Frontline team that produced the September 2013 show "Egypt in Crisis." After years of covering Egypt's volatile Sinai Peninsula and gaining a reputation for his unmatched authority on the subject, Sabry wrote his first book "Sinai: Egypt's Linchpin, Gaza's Lifeline, Israel's Nightmare," scheduled for worldwide release in October 2015.