Alexey Yurenev

Alexey Yurenev was born in Moscow, Russia. After immigrating to the USA in 2002 he began his career in photography assisting photographers including Alexei Hay and Jessica Craig Martin. In 2014, Yurenev began working as a commercial photographer in New York where he created world wide image campaigns for brands such as Pepsi, Unilever and SONOS, collaborating with BBDO, GREY and other creative agencies. In 2015, Yurenev abandoned commercial practice, switching his focus to documentary subjects. In 2018 Yurenev graduated from ICP's Documentary Practice program, where he worked on a thesis project about a postSoviet enclave in Brighton Beach, NY, which was developed into a long form photo essay for the New York Times. Currently, Yurenev is working on a book about post-Soviet identity.



March 5, 2019