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During the course of the “Crossing the Divide” reporting project and cross-country journey, WGBH and The GroundTruth Project worked with a partner high school in each reporting location to help foster civic engagement and to ensure student’s voices were among those heard by the five reporters on their journey across the country.

As a component of this collaboration, student reporters were selected from each school. These aspiring media producers participated in the Narrative 4 story exchange with their classmates, and were assigned a personal essay or related media project focused on an issue of importance to them and to their community.


Teenage Perspectives

High School of Commerce (MA)

Student reporter Jah'inaya Parker asks her classmates about how the Trump administration's policies have affected them.

Teenage Perspectives

Floyd Central High School (KY)

Student reporters in eastern Kentucky describe the ways their community gets misrepresented, and the pressing issues they feel don't get addressed.

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