On the Ground with Report for America


This season of the GroundTruth Podcast is a playlist of stories from across America. Amid a pandemic and nationwide demands for criminal justice and police reform, our Report for America corps members delve into the daily issues affecting American lives. Mics in hand, these reporters bring us into communities largely unheard and unseen by the national media to share their stories. This coast-to-coast audio journey begins with one reporter’s drive from Connecticut to California, a road trip that captures the varied chorus of American life in the summer of 2020.

About ‘On the Ground’ dispatches

The podcast, a continuation of our “On the Ground” dispatches, shadows our Report for America corps members as they report from communities across America. These stories are gritty snap-shots of what’s happening beyond our own fields of vision, lending us insight into people and places across America that we have yet to experience. Our embedded reporters serve as local guides to the issues, changes and voices of local communities from Nashville to Detroit and Twin Falls to Dallas. These dispatches have been featured by USA TODAY and PBS’ American Experience.