The GroundTruth Project deployed approximately 60 student reporters from 25 journalism programs in 16 states on Election Day to conduct on-the-ground interviews about voting issues at polling places across America.


The reporters captured YouTube video snapshots of the obstacles that voters, overwhelmingly those of color, face in exercising their voting rights. We also sent professional crews to Georgia, Florida and North Dakota, to assess the impact of some of the most restrictive voting laws in the country. The stories they produced, including the impact of voter suppression efforts on razor-thin races in Georgia and Florida, demonstrate the threat that voter disenfranchisement represents for our democracy and the efforts already underway to counter it. 


Explore the stories and videos of this election and check this space for more on this topic. In collaboration with Google News Initiative and Society of Professional Journalists, GroundTruth will continue and expand its coverage of this key issue throughout the presidential elections of 2020.