Emerging Photographers

"The orphanage has children between the ages of 3 to 12. The legal age to start working is 12. So, many of the children's uncles or family members start asking for the children to live back with them, to contribute financially to the family." (Photo by Tasneem Alsultan)


GroundTruth’s “Emerging Photographers” series is all about finding and curating the work of talented photographers who are relatively new to the craft. We are looking for people with less than five years experience who have not yet had their work widely distributed. Our goal is to build a community around an appreciation for visual storytellers  from many corners of the globe working on under-reported stories and perspectives. We’re looking for rising talent — of any age — who our online audience should be following.

The way we envision this space is a sanctuary where thoughtfully-crafted photo essays can find refuge from the deluge and proliferation of digital imaging. It’s a place where all the distraction and noise stops, and where we simply can consider great photographic work produced by some of the youngest and least-known photographers in the world. If you fit this description or know a talented photographer who does, please send a link of the work to rsennott [at] thegroundtruthproject.org.

This project is made possible through a memorial gift from the Robert and Susan Sennott Family. Additional support comes from the MacArther Foundation and the Friedman Family Charitable Fund.