GroundTruth’s mission is to restore journalism from the ground up by supporting the next generation of journalists through field reporting that serves under-covered corners of the United States and the world.


GroundTruth seeks to repair a pipeline of talent for emerging journalists, restore faith in the industry by supporting in-depth public service reporting and serve as watchdogs in places where no one seems to be watching. We focus on the craft of journalism and the power of accountability reporting, blended with the realities of the digital age and a spirit of public service. We provide educational opportunities in the form of training seminars, forums, conferences and workshops. And we publish critical information and storytelling on freedom of expression, international social justice, human rights, emerging democracies, global warming and the environment, religious affairs and global health.


Our vision is that by inspiring and supporting a new generation of journalists at home and around the world we will be a part of restoring trust in journalism and repairing a media landscape ravaged by the challenging economics and the divisive impulses of the digital age. Along the way, we will serve a community — an audience thirsting for context and depth — by providing them with stories that shed light on the issues that matter most.

GroundTruth is building an engaged community around impactful journalism and powerful storytelling by a new generation, while supporting their careers as fellows, corps members and alumni. Since GroundTruth launched, we have supported more than 300 emerging journalists across more than 50 countries, including 225 Report for America corps members embedded in local newsrooms across the United States.