Iubiri Urbane: Eastern Europe’s Urban Love Stories

urban love stories

GroundTruth Emerging Photographer Natalia Mindru, who studied photography at the National Institute of Cultural Research and Training in Bucharest, has for the past year been working on this project on couples in love. Elements of the project can also be seen at Cosmopolitan and the Daily Mail.

In a series titled Iubiri Urbane (translated from my native Romanian, it means Urban Love Stories), I capture the raw, unabashed love between couples in and around Bucharest. This is my ode to stolen kisses, kept secrets, and unspoken words shared between lovers in a city that rarely stands still enough to notice.

Before arriving at a couple’s home to photograph them, I know nearly nothing about my subjects. The only prior communication I have had with them is through social media and, as a result, I approach each session without preconceived notions or expectations. In this way, Iubiri Urbane offers a fresh exploration of love in its many forms: tender, sometimes playful and other times messy, but the series always depicts the natural attraction between two people.

By choosing to photograph in a photojournalistic style, I let couples to do whatever they want to do and look at their usual behavior. I don’t need them to “pretend” love. They are real couples, not actors. Iubiri Urbane takes all my energy and is a great source of inspiration for me – I love getting messages from people in different countries who enjoy this genre of photography, they are my encouragement to continue.

In this project, I photographed with my  Canon Mark II and Mark III.