GroundTruth on “Story in The Public Square”

“There’s not enough opportunity for emerging journalists. I see their talents, I see that the pipeline is broken, and GroundTruth was born of trying to find a new way to reestablish that pipeline for talent so you can go from reporting locally to take on bigger challenges.” With that statement of purpose our founder, Charles Sennott, described the mission of GroundTruth to Jim Ludes and G. Wayne Miller, hosts of “Story in the Public Square” a TV show and podcast that features storytellers and how their stories impact public understanding and policy.

Sennott also talked about the influence his years as a police reporter had in his foreign reporting in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Jerusalem, and how all these experiences contributed to the development of GroundTruth.

The interview also touched upon our coverage of voter supression and our plans for 2020, as well as the development of our Report for America initiative and other upcoming projects.

The show, produced by the Pell Center and The Providence Journal airs weekly on Rhode Island PBS and SiriusXM’s P.O.T.U.S. (Politics of the United States) channel and it’s broadcast on public television stations across the United States.