GroundTruth in the Press in 2015

Charles Sennott on MSNBC.

GroundTruth Founder Charles Sennott is often called upon for commentary and analysis on world events by our colleagues in the media.

February, 2015: Major news organizations are joining forces to confront a rising tide of abductions and murders of freelance reporters. Will it save lives? Charlie announces the release of “A Call for Global Standards,” a set of global safety principles and practices for freelancers and news organizations, designed by an unprecedented coalition of leading news companies, freelance journalism organizations and press-freedom advocates


January 2015: Charles Sennott, co-founder of GlobalPost and head of The GroundTruth Project, joined Boston Public Radio to discuss how Tsarnaev’s fate fits into a larger context of prosecuting terror cases worldwide. Listen to the whole conversation on Boston Public Radio, 89.7 WGBH