GroundTruth fellow Aurora Almendral reports in the Philippines. (Photo by Hannah Reyes/GroundTruth)

The GroundTruth Project’s mission is to support a new generation of journalists, through opportunities, mentorship, training and support. Explore GroundTruth’s programs and resources below.


Reporting Fellowships: Fellowships include safety training, funding for reporting time and expenses, and editorial support and mentorship to produce a reporting project, which is typically published by a prominent media partner, as well as on the GroundTruth website. Learn more

Report for America: This initiative places emerging journalists into host newsrooms across the country for a year of service. In addition to working as a reporter, corps members also do a service project, such as helping a local high school with its student newspaper. Learn more

Emerging Photographers: This program curates the work of talented photographers with less than five years of experience who have not yet had their work widely distributed. Learn more

GroundTruth Podcast Incubator: This program provides emerging audio reporters and producers with the support they need to create an audio documentary for the award-winning GroundTruth podcast. Learn more


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The GroundTruth Field Guide: This field guide is meant to help foreign correspondents stay safe and carry wisdoms from veteran journalists with them. Download or read more

GroundTruth Field Guide, 2018 edition for Report for America: This is a special version of our field guide focused on reporting in the United States. Download