GroundTruth feature films unite the best of international journalism and documentary filmmaking to tell stories about the human condition worldwide.

Led by award-winning journalist and filmmaker Beth Murphy, GroundTruth feature films are usually built by a team of skilled, culturally diverse film fellows and includes directors, producers and cinematographers produce character-driven work around the world. Our film fellows are mentored through all aspects of production — from pre-production and funding to editing and distribution — to create short form, web-based and feature documentary films. When our stories demand it, we implement robust educational and impact campaigns to further the impact of our films.

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Camera Kids

The first children to be dubbed “camera kids” were child survivors of Rwanda’s 1994 genocide. Today, three of them are professional photographers, setting out on a global mission to teach photography to children who — like them — have suffered trauma and loss.


The List

A modern-day Oskar Schindler fights to save Iraqis whose lives are in danger because they worked for the U.S. government and military to help rebuild their country.

Feature Film

Son of Fukushima

The story of an 81-year-old man, Saichi Ouchi, who is one of only eight people in human history to be exposed to nuclear radiation twice.

Feature Film

What Tomorrow Brings

A look inside the very first girls’ school in one small Afghan village. From the school’s beginnings in 2009 to its first graduation in 2015, the film traces the interconnected stories of students, teachers, village elders, parents and the school founder.