Episode 7: Erode truth – United States

One of Donald Trump’s first targets was truth itself. Attacks on the press, on science, and on easily observable reality have become daily occurrences as his administration’s efforts to erode the idea of a shared set of facts and to undercut the value and meaning of truth. As part of weaponizing doubt, the administration uses tactics of distraction and false parity to promote extreme ideas and stoke polarization . From the streets of Charlottesville to arena rallies across the country, there seems to be a base of Trump supporters openly equating their president with white nationalist, xenophobic and anti-immigrant values.

GroundTruth alum Tracy Jarrett and senior podcast producer Mitch Hanley reported from a Trump rally in Dallas, and GroundTruth executive editor Kevin Grant returned to Charlottesville two years after the Unite the Right rally awakened much of the country to a resurgent white nationalist movement that has aligned itself with Trump’s populist nationalism.

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