Skye Moret - Climate Change Reporting Fellow


Skye Morét is an information designer who believes in the power of visualization and meaningful engagement in bridging the gap between two traditionally polar disciplines: design and science. Her work investigates the complex relationship between humans, technology and nature. Skye creates work that encourages curiosity, empathy and interaction, and explores these themes through data-driven design and visual storytelling. Her award-winning design work has been featured in Popular Science and Roads & Kingdoms magazines and her scientific work can be found in publications ranging from Science to Green Teacher magazine. Skye passionately believes that the synergy of seemingly disparate disciplines will create the socio-environmental engagement necessary for dynamic stewardship of our planet.

Cities Underwater

November 10, 2016

Living with water in the Netherlands and at sea

April 11, 2016

China’s climate change challenge

November 4, 2015