Omnia Al Desoukie

Omnia Al Desoukie is a journalist located in the Middle East. I have a M.A. degree in Media Studies from S.I.Newhouse School for Public Communications. I studied audience behavior to messages they perceive through online media. My research has focused on how entities could use online media to persuade the behavior of a niche. Through out graduate school, I have been studying political communication. I was a reporter in Cairo. My reporting mainly focused on social and political aspects of Egypt. I began reporting in Cairo in 2009 when I first joined the field as an intern in the Daily News Egypt. I then began reporting for other news outlets. In 2012, I became a freelance reporter and worked with various international news organizations as a journalist. I have video, audio and print skills. I am an Egyptian was born in Cairo and raised in Dubai. I like to think that i have managed to grasp the life within the Middle East as an Egyptian. Yet at the same time, given my western education I was able to identify a middle ground between both the East and the West. I traveled and worked in other places within Europe and the Middle East at a very young age. I received the David Rubin First Amendment award’14 from Newhouse. The award is given for individuals who have demonstrated a clear understanding of freedom of expression. I am also a fellow in one of Open Society Foundation’s programs.


Analysis: Egypt after Mubarak

February 12, 2016