Charles M. Sennott

Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Editor


Steve Waldman

President and Co-Founder, Report for America


Maggie Messitt

National Director, Report for America


Kevin Douglas Grant

Co-Founder, Executive Editor


Rachel Rohr

Managing Editor


Beth Murphy

Director of GroundTruth Films


Anne O'Brien

Director of Human Resources and Operations


Marissa Miley

Editor, Global Health and Environment


Nathan Tisdale

Multimedia Editor, Associate Director of GroundTruth Films

Anna Lin Mitchell

Director of Finance

Susette Brooks

Applications & Community Manager, Report for America


Richard Sennott

Photo Editor

Milan Polk

Emma Bowen and Democracy Fund Fellow


Joanne Heyman


Mitch Hanley

Podcast producer


GroundTruth is dedicated to training the next generation of journalists. Since 2011, we have worked with more than 100 fellows around the world to foster country-to-country, people-to-people partnerships and learning.


Previous fellowships have included teams reporting on revolution, democracy, global health, climate change, woman and girls, human rights, and more. Learn more about GroundTruth’s fellowships, including fellowship opportunities, here.


The reporters we work with out in the world are all given our Field Guide, where we share our standards and practices and lessons learned in the field. Download the GroundTruth Field Guide.


Our Current Fellows


Pien Huang

Pien Huang is an audio producer and reporter. Her freelance stories on art, environment and culture have been featured on... Read More

Samantha Fields

Samantha Fields is an award-winning public radio producer and reporter. Most recently, she produced the NPR Politics Podcast in Washington,... Read More

Katie Worth

Katie Worth is an investigative reporter at FRONTLINE PBS, where her work explores science, politics, and their myriad intersections. She... Read More

Daniel Levitt

Daniel Levitt's first foray into filmmaking was a documentary short about a 91-year-old cowboy, which aired on Rocky Mountain PBS... Read More

Amaury Sablon

Amaury Sablon is a multimedia journalist and currently a digital reporter for CNN en Español. His passion for journalism started... Read More

Alex Potter

Alex Potter is a photographer who works in the Middle East. Her work has appeared in the New York Times,... Read More


Nicole Lewis

Nicole Lewis is a journalist based in New York City. She specializes in telling stories about everyday inequality by blending... Read More

Michelle Mizner

Michelle Mizner is an award-winning producer at FRONTLINE PBS, where she specializes in digital video and other new storytelling forms.... Read More

Noah Caldwell

Noah Caldwell is a graduate of McGill University and CUNY’s Graduate School of Journalism. Noah has reported from Turkey, Scotland,... Read More

Rachel Cramer

Rachel is a newscaster and reporter for Montana Public Radio, and a graduate of the University of Montana’s Environmental Studies... Read More

Stephanie Daniel

Stephanie Daniel is a multimedia journalist who enjoys reporting stories about health inequities, social justice issues and vulnerable populations. Her... Read More

Michael O'Brien

Michael O’Brien is a freelance journalist based in New York City. His work there focused on health and science. He... Read More

Mahlia Posey

Mahlia is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, Graduate School of Journalism. Previously, she’s participated in the New... Read More

Cate Malek

Currently a master's student at the University of Texas in Austin, Cate spent five years in the Middle East collecting... Read More

Eric Bosco

A native of Brockton, Massachusetts, Eric got his start in journalism at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, where his reporting... Read More

Gabriel Sanchez

Before becoming a reporter, Gabriel served as an administrative and legal services specialist in the Marine Corps. Journalistically, Gabriel has... Read More

Joaquin Cotler

Joaquin Cotler is a multimedia journalist from Maplewood, New Jersey. A former intern for WNYC’s Studio 360, he works as... Read More

Brittany Greeson

Born in Houston, Texas, Brittany Greeson spent the majority of her childhood between the great heights of the Appalachian Mountains... Read More


Justine Calma

Justine Calma is a justice fellow for Grist, the environmental news website. She covers global health, climate change, gender and... Read More

Muhammad Fadli

Muhammad Fadli is a Sumatran-born documentary photographer based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Having worked briefly for a leading Indonesian news magazine,... Read More

Neha Thirani Bagri

Neha Thirani Bagri is an independent journalist whose work focuses on politics, development, gender, and human rights in South Asia.... Read More

Mohamed Abdelfattah

Mohammed Abdelfattah is a video journalist and documentary filmmaker. He has worked for include Deutsche Welle TV, Al Masry Al... Read More

Lucas Dantas

Lucas M. Dantas is a Brazilian-born professional documentary filmmaker, journalist, writer and activist. Before joining GroundTruth, Lucas wrote for newspapers... Read More

Melody Schreiber

Melody is a freelance journalist and was a program manager at the International Reporting Project, based in Washington, D.C. Her... Read More

Nichole Sobecki

Nichole Sobecki is a visual journalist based in Nairobi, Kenya. From 2012-2015 Nichole worked for Agence France-Presse producing regular video... Read More

Oscar Durand

Oscar Durand is an award-winning photojournalist and videographer based in Istanbul. His work, which focuses on visual story-telling, has been... Read More

Uwitonze Samuel Mussa

Uwitonze Mussa’s photographic journey started when he was still at primary school, when a photographer called David Jiranek coached him... Read More

Waqas Khan

Waqas A. Khan is an international reporter on education, politics, agriculture, security, terrorism and environment. He has received fellowships from... Read More

Tori Bedford

Tori Bedford works at WGBH News as an Associate Producer for Boston Public Radio. In addition to her producer duties,... Read More

Tania Karas

Tania is an independent journalist based in Athens, Greece, covering human rights and global migration. For the 2015-16 academic year,... Read More

Pooja Sivaraman

Pooja Sivaraman is a recent graduate from Tufts University where she majored in English and Economics. As an aspiring journalist,... Read More

Skye Moret

Skye Morét is an information designer who believes in the power of visualization and meaningful engagement in bridging the gap... Read More

Lauren Owens

Lauren Owens is a freelance photojournalist based in the Boston area. Her work documents social and behavioral adaptations to environmental... Read More

Laura Heaton

Laura Heaton is a writer and journalist based in Nairobi, Kenya. Her work in East Africa over the past ten... Read More

Charlotte Weiner

Charlotte Weiner is an Ethics, Politics and Economics major at Yale. She's also executive editor of Yale's weekly newspaper, The... Read More

Chris Bentley

Chris is a freelance writer, photographer, editor and producer based in Boston. He has a master’s degree in journalism from... Read More

Catherine Osborn

Catherine Osborn is a journalist based in Brazil. Osborn has contributed to Public Radio International, National Public Radio, Foreign Policy,... Read More

Camilla Andersen

Camilla is a documentary photographer based in Alta, Norway. She graduated from Bilder Nordic School of Photography in Spring 2015.... Read More

Beth Balaban

Beth Balaban is a documentary filmmaker based in Massachusetts. She is co-founder of The Non-Fiction Cartel, a short-form documentary film... Read More

Christopher Lee

Christopher Lee is a freelance photographer with a focus on exploring how people respond and interact to their social, political... Read More

Gadi Habumugisha

Gadi Habumugisha is a documentary photographer based in Kigali, Rwanda. Creating images of people going about their daily activities in... Read More

Karis Hustad

Karis Hustad is a reporter based in Arhus, Denmark, covering technology and business. She was a reporter at Chicago Inno,... Read More

Karolina Chorvath

Karolina Chorvath is digital producer and editor at PRI's The World. She was a Gen. T.B.D. Reporting Fellow with GroundTruth,... Read More

Jean Bizimana

Jean Biziman's passion in photography started at age of 8 when he became a member of Through the Eyes of... Read More

Jahd Khalil

Jahd Khalil is a journalist based in Cairo, Egypt. He has reported on politics, culture, business, technology and design from... Read More

Hannah Reyes Morales

Hannah is a Filipina photojournalist whose work focuses on individuals mired in complex situations created by inequality, poverty, and impunity.... Read More

Aurora Almendral

Aurora is a writer and radio producer from New York, who has lived in Morocco, Spain and Syria, and is... Read More


Jacob Kushner

Jacob Kushner is an investigative journalist with experience in East and Central Africa and the Caribbean. He reports on development... Read More

Jenny Starrs

Jenny Starrs is a videographer currently working as a video editor at the Washington Post. She was a video reporter... Read More

Manon Verchot

Manon Verchot is a multimedia journalist based in New Delhi, focusing on international, environment, health and sustainability reporting. She has... Read More

Dalia Mortada

Dalia Mortada is an independent multimedia journalist based in Istanbul. She produces feature stories about human rights, refugee issues, women’s... Read More

Coleen Jose

Coleen Jose is a Filipino-American journalist and documentary photographer. She is a Community Editor at Instagram and is the 2015... Read More

Anthony Langat

Anthony is a freelance journalist based in Nairobi, Kenya with an interest in reporting on human rights, security, governance and... Read More

Ben Brody

Ben Brody is a photojournalist and writer who has been working for The GroundTruth Project and GlobalPost in Afghanistan since... Read More

Caelainn Hogan

Caelainn Hogan is an Irish writer with an eye on marginalization and migration. She has reported across Europe, Africa and... Read More

Ankur Paliwal

Ankur Paliwal is an Indian science journalist, with a special interest in global health, climate change, and inequality. Currently, he... Read More


Tracy Jarrett

Tracy Jarrett is a reporter/producer at VICE Media. She was part of the Peabody award-winning team at NBC News, where... Read More

Pracheta Sharma

Pracheta graduated with a Masters Degree in Journalism from Columbia University in 2009. Prior to graduate school, she worked in... Read More

Rachel Hoffman

Rachel Hoffman is a social justice paparazzo living in Chicago, Illinois. She's worked at a slew of organizations, focusing her... Read More

Monica Ibrahim

Monica Ibrahim is the communications manager at HarassMap, an Egyptian initiative aiming at ending social acceptability of sexual harassment. Monica... Read More

Ruth Michaelson

Ruth Michaelson reported from Berlin for two years, where she helped to head the Berlin section of the journal A... Read More

Mohannad Sabry

Mohannad Sabry is an Egyptian journalist and author based in Cairo. He has covered Egypt since the 2011 uprising and... Read More

Menan Khater

Menan Khater is a Politics/Investigative reporter at The Daily News Egypt. In the past she has worked as a correspondent... Read More

Saila Huusko

Saila Huusko is a roaming filmmaker/journalist on detour as a Rotary Peace Fellow. She was the co-director of the feature... Read More

Yeganeh Salehi

Yeganeh Salehi, Jason Rezaian’s wife, was originally in jail with her husband in Iran, but she was later let go.... Read More

Velma Saric

Velma Šarić is the Founder and Executive Director of the Post-Conflict Research Center (PCRC) and Founder of Balkan Diskurs. She... Read More

Tik Root

Tik Root is a freelance journalist. He has worked with The Washington Post, the NBC Olympics, The Pulitzer Center, etc.

Sara Jerving

Sara Jerving is a journalist, working for VICE on HBO. She is a graduate of Columbia University Graduate School of... Read More

Maryam Rahmanian

Maryam Rahmanian is a freelance photographer based in Tehran, Iran. She moved to Iran in 2006 and began working for... Read More

Laura El-Tantawy

Laura El-Tantawy is an Egyptian photographer. In 2002, she started her career as a newspaper photographer with the Milwaukee Journal... Read More

Corinne Chin

Corinne Chin is currently a video editor at The Seattle Times. In the past, she has pursued freelance work in... Read More

Eleanor Stanford

Eleanor Stanford works on The New York Times's Watching vertical. Her work has been featured in CNBC, The Huffington Post,... Read More

Cindy Huang

Cindy Huang is a reporter at the Capital Gazette Communications. In the past she has worked for PBS NewsHour and... Read More

Chris Livesay

Christopher Livesay is an award-winning foreign correspondent based in Rome, Italy. His recent work focuses on Pope Francis, immigration, and... Read More

Chika Oduah

Chika Oduah is an independent multimedia journalist based in Nigeria. Chika’s reporting on Africa goes beyond the headlines to explore... Read More

Biz Herman

Biz Herman is a Boston-born researcher and journalist currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Political Science with a focus on international... Read More

Elizabeth Stuart

Elizabeth Stuart is a multimedia journalist. She worked as an editor for Egypt's only independent English-language daily and wrote for... Read More

Juan Herrero

Juan Herrero was born in a small town along the eucalyptus-scented northwestern coast of Spain, but raised in Madrid, where... Read More

Katia Savchuk

Katia Savchuk is a freelance magazine journalist based in Oakland, California. She was formerly a staff reporter at Forbes covering... Read More

Indrani Basu

Indrani Basu is the news editor for The Huffington Post India. In the past she has worked for GlobalPost, The... Read More

Gayathri Vaidyanathan

Gayathri Vaidyanathan is a freelance environment and science journalist. Her work has been published in The Washington Post, Discover, Nature,... Read More

Fabiano Tresbach

Fabiano Tresbach is an award-winning multimedia journalist based in Brazil available for assignments in English and Portuguese. He has experience... Read More

Ahmed Aboulenein

Ahmed Aboulenein is an Egyptian journalist working in an Iraq as a correspondent for Reuters. He was a fellow during... Read More


Neena Pathak

Neena Pathak is a producer for The Dinner Party Download at American Public Media. She is a graduate of the... Read More

Natalie Keyssar

Natalie Keyssar is a freelance photojournalist based in Brooklyn. She studied painting in college before pursuing photography, which allows her... Read More

Nan Tin Htwe

Nan Tin Htwe is a a freelance Journalist. She's previously worked for AFP and The Myanmar Times and is a... Read More

Kyaw Myo Min

Kyaw Myo Min graduated from Myitkyina University with a degree in mathematics in 2003. Currently, Kyaw Myo Min works at... Read More

Pailin Wedel

Pailin Wedel is a freelance producer and visual journalist with clients including the New York Times, National Geographic, Wall Street... Read More

Sarah Fitzpatrick

Sarah Fitzpatrick is the Associate Producer for the CBS News Investigative Unit, where she reports national investigative stories for all... Read More

Van Patrick

Van Patrick King is a freelance journalist currently based in New York City. He is a graduate of Amherst College... Read More

Tin Aung Kyaw

Tin Aung Kyaw wrote nearly 3000 short news at 7 days news journal , flower news journal, Myanmar news gazette... Read More

Soe Than Win

Soe Than Win holds a degree in physics, but found his passion as a photographer. He currently works as a... Read More

Soe Soe Htoon

Soe Soe Htoon is a 29-year-old journalist living in Yangon. She was born and grew up in Nyaungdone Township which... Read More

Kaye Lin

Kaye Lin is a multimedia journalist for Voice of America in Washington DC. Lin came to the United States at... Read More


Kaung Htet is the chief photographer and photo editor at The Myanmar Times News Journal. He began working as a... Read More

Diana Markosian

Diana Markosian is an Armenian-American photographer who received her master's degree from Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism at 20.... Read More

Bruce Wallace

Bruce Wallace is a producer for the podcast StartUp from Gimlet Media. Previously he worked as a freelance radio and... Read More

Bill Wheeler

William Wheeler is a freelance journalist and an immigration-journalism fellow at the French-American Foundation.

Ben Schreckinger

Ben Schreckinger covers national politics for Politico. He has published in Slate, Newsweek, Politico Magazine, the Atlantic (digital), the Boston... Read More

Harman Boparai

Harman Boparai attended medical school in Amritsar, Punjab, India and worked for a year as Medical Director and CEO of... Read More

Htoo Tay Zar

Htoo Tay Zar is a freelance photojournalist and documentary photographer based in Yangon, Myanmar. He has worked for local newspapers... Read More

Julie Turkewitz

Julie is a national correspondent for The New York Times. She lives in Denver, speaks Spanish and sometimes takes pictures.... Read More

Juliana Schatz

Juliana Schatz is a radio/video journalist and documentary film producer. She started her career at Frontline, the award-winning investigative series... Read More

Jonathan Wu

Jonathan Wu is currently a lead engineer at Localize. He graduated from Tufts University with a B.A/B.S., International Relations: International... Read More

Aye Thiri Sein

Aye Thiri Sein started her journalism career in 2006 in Myanmar. In 2007 she joined True News Journal in Yangon... Read More


Emily Judem

Emily Judem is a digital producer in the WGBH newsroom. Previously, Emily worked as multimedia editor at The GroundTruth Project,... Read More


Omnia Al Desoukie

Omnia Al Desoukie is a journalist located in the Middle East. I have a M.A. degree in Media Studies from... Read More

Merrit Kennedy

Merrit Kennedy is a reporter for NPR's breaking news blog, The Two-Way. She was a freelance correspondent based in Cairo... Read More

Reem Abdellatif

Reem Abdellatif is a bilingual journalist who has worked for The Wall Street Journal/Dow Jones Newswires covering business news and... Read More

Sara Elkamel

Sara Elkamel is a journalist currently pursuing graduate studies at Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism. She works for The... Read More

Stephanie Rice

Stephanie Rice is a freelance journalist back in school for nursing. She is published by Center for Investigative Reporting, CS... Read More

Matt Negrin

Matt is a digital producer for The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. He is a writer who prefers the long... Read More

Mariya Karimjee

Mariya Karimjee is a freelance writer working from Karachi, Pakistan. She was the former deputy editor of breaking news and... Read More

Kim Badawi

Born in Paris, Kim Badawi is American visual anthropologist of Egyptian and Slovenian background who began his career photographing the... Read More

Deena Adel

Deena Adel is the managing editor at She was previously a journalist with the BBC Middle East. She is... Read More

Kristin Deasy

Kristin Deasy is freelance journalist working in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She previously has reported from Syria, Turkey, Egypt, and Eastern... Read More

Lomi Kriel

Lomi Kriel currently covers immigration and demographics for the Houston Chronicle, the largest daily newspaper in Texas. Previously, she was... Read More

Mai Shams El-Din

Mai Shams El-Din is an Egyptian journalist based in Cairo and a multimedia producer for Reuters. She was a co-founder... Read More

Ahmed Ateyya

Ahmed Ateyya is an award-winning Egyptian journalist and documentary filmmaker. He was the managing editor of, and a co-founder... Read More