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Crossing the Divide is a cross-country reporting road trip from WGBH and The GroundTruth Project. At a time of deep divisions in America, five early-career journalists are traveling together from east to west during the fall of 2017, to explore and report on the issues that divide us and stories that unite us. 

The reporters have different specialties, and roots in the five reporting regions of the project: Eric Bosco (Massachusetts, data & investigative reporter), Brittany Greeson (Kentucky, photojournalist), Gabriel Sanchez (Minnesota, writer & reporter), Rachel Cramer (Montana, audio reporter) and Mahlia Posey (California, videographer & reporter). Explore their reported work below, and follow the daily behind-the-scenes at xthedivide.org and on InstagramSnapchatTwitter and YouTube. Also hear the daily podcast on SoundCloud, iTunes, RadioPublic, Stitcher or TuneIn.


Crossing the Divide


The reporting team focuses on educational divides through the lens of a high school in Springfield that is one step away from state takeover.

Crossing the Divide


Sept. 17 - 29. In Kentucky, the plan is to explore perceptions of Appalachia versus the realities of residents' lived experiences.

Crossing the Divide


Oct. 5 - 13. In Minneapolis, the plan is to focus on divides over immigration, and generational divides within the Somali community.

Crossing the Divide


Oct. 15 - 26. In Montana, the plan is to explore environmental divides, as well as how the environment brings people together.

Crossing the Divide


Oct. 29 - Nov. 7. In the Bay Area, the plan is to focus on the effects of tech giants on neighboring communities, and explore a news desert in the shadow of Silicon Valley.

Crossing the Divide

The Team

Meet the five young reporters from red and blue states who will be traveling cross-country together in a van, along with two field producers.

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